Join us at the River Falls Plantation on May 6th for the Third Annual Charity Golf Tournament, DRF Open in support
of the Drake Rayden Foundation. 

Eric and Tarah O'Sullivan formed the Drake Rayden Foundation after their youngest son, Drake Rayden, and their youngest daughter, Vivian Faye,

were both diagnosed with an extremely rare, terminal metabolic

disease called NonKetotic Hyperglycinemia, or NKH. 

Since NKH is such a rare genetic disease with only around 500 cases, 

government funding is very limited.  This means the burden of raising funds

for research falls to the families of these medically fragile children.


Drake and Vivian O'Sullivan

The Drake Rayden Foundation raises awareness for NKH, fights for better treatment, and supports desperately needed research to change the lives of children around the world living with NKH.